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Dr Farbod has established a Family Dental Practice that is staffed by the most efficient and professional individuals we have ever encountered for the administration of our dental needs. From the reception personnel to the very qualified technical support staff, the atmosphere and the service are exceptional on all counts. Even as seniors we are always made to feel that Dr Farbod has our best interests at heart and that we can rely on her advised courses of action. We highly recommend this Office.

Sam B

Hey neighbors in the Ferry Landing neighborhood and all over Coronado! Have you ever gone to a dental appt and had fun? Well, I did, today. The dentist, Jean Farbod, was wonderful. And her entire team is amazing!! They were incredibly gentle, informative, kind, and friendly. I'm so happy I found Dr. Farbod and her incredible team. Just give her a try, you'll see what I mean. You won't be sorry!!!

Judy C

The best dental experience in my life…for real! The office ladies are so fun to talk with, Alma...was so sweet, and Dr. Farbod is incredibly knowledgeable, didn’t try to oversell dental work and explained my dental health very well. Alyssa, the hygienist, was very gentle - she made my cleaning (almost) a delight. I will not be nervous my next visit knowing my cleaning will be done intentionally and gently. I may even look forward to it!

Julie O

I have never known a dentist office like this. They are professional, caring, warm, thoughtful, and funny. It is the first time in my life that visiting the dentist hasn't been stressful...even if I am having something challenging done! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Farbod and all of her staff. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Charlette P

This is an AMAZING dental office. From the moment you enter until when you leave, the staff are professional, caring and most of all are experienced in their skills. Caring, friendly and professional...I could not ask for anything better.

David C

Amazing experience! Everyone was super helpful and the ambiance was amazing as well! They are all very competent & have very light hands so you don’t feel a thing! My teeth look beautiful!

Joseph V

Fabulous staff and excellent dentist. I always feel welcome and I know that I am getting the best care possible. From “cleaning to crowns”, they are #1 here in Coronado.

Laurie H

Outstanding care from a professional and knowledgeable staff! Dr. Farbod and her entire team are amazing!

Paul H

If you are looking for the absolute best qualified, competent, ethical, professional, smart, patient, kind, caring, understanding and fun as well dentist, Dr. Farbod is the one! I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t had my teeth worked on for a long while and I am so so appreciative to have found Dr. Farbod and all her wonderful co-workers. Every person in her office is terrific. Plus her office is so pleasant with all the latest, modern equipment so you can visit her in a comfortable environment. I never imagined I could have a filling fixed in such a professional way and have so such fun at the same time. I dreaded having novacaine but I was amazed I didn’t even feel it! If you’re looking for a dentist, call Dr. Farbod today! You will be so happy you did. Thank you so much Dr. Farbod, Keosha, Alyssa, Lamarshell and Sandy. I’ll look forward to my next appointment!

J Schaedler

Lamarshell, I had such a great experience at your office today! I am the first to admit that I was nervous, as I always am walking into the dentist. But I was put at ease immediately by you and the staff, everyone so friendly and caring. The technician Keosha was kind and gentle and explained every step of the way what she was doing to assure that I was comfortable. Dr. Farbod is excellent, professional, attentive and really listened to my concerns and addressed them thoroughly. I was comfortable and at ease throughout. Thanks for actually making a visit to the dentist pleasant!

Sharon P

Excellent dental care. Unfortunately I've had a lot of dental work done at different dental offices, and by far this has been the best experience I've had. They explained every procedure while they were doing it, so I knew what to expect. The dental work was excellent, once the Novocaine wore off I didn't even know I had it done. I definitely recommend them, especially if you hate going to the dentist! Love the Assistant!

Karen B

Dr. Farbod, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your staff. I had a crown come loose late in the day, called your office and Lamarshell was able to fit me in the next morning first thing. When I arrived for my appointment, was greeted with smiles and a true concern to my well being. Your staff got me prepped and you were right in to address my dental issue, I was on my way in no time at all. I really appreciated how you and your staff were so caring and so focused to helping me. Thank you!

Tom C

I have recently had the pleasure (you read that right) of Dr. Farbod replacing a crown. This process I have always been fearful of, due to many prior visits not in Coronado. My anxiety was running high and through the whole procedure I kept telling myself to brace for it, that it is going to get very uncomfortable at any time. IT NEVER DID. When the task was completed, I wanted to hug her because I was so thankful, happy and relieved. I love to rave about Farbod Family Dental to all my friends. Thank you so much Dr. Farbod and Team for being so kind, professional and FANTASTIC.

A Clark

The hygienist...was wonderful and I really enjoyed the visit because of her. Quick visit from Dr Farbod. Since she took over, it has been a pleasure having her as my dentist. I love this office.

Bernie J
San Diego

Alyssa was great! She was very personable and checked in periodically as she cleaned my teeth. Dr. Farbod was the same. Good personal interaction, not just business. If you're looking for a new Dentist Office for you and/or your family, this is the place.

Brad M

My experience was fantastic! Alma and Dr Farbod were professional and fun! The communication was clear and concise throughout the experience. It was never a doubt that my comfort was a primary concern thus I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Sandy was great as always with her customer service at the front desk.

Roger B

Marissa & Dr. Farbod are both awesome!

Sam R

I was greeted friendly and felt welcome. The wait time was not too long. Everyone looked happy and you could tell they enjoyed working there and helping people. The service was Outstanding, no surprises, all steps were explained and the price was phenomenal. I was pleasantly surprised ☺

Cynthia G

It was a great experience from check in, having my work done to the check out. I have to say it was a pleasure getting my dental work done and the entertainment Dr Farbod and her assistant provide during the process. I would highly recommend this office for dental needs.

Mike H

Wonderful service! Friendly staff who cares about the people they serve. Very knowledgeable and a caring touch.

Misti A

My 8 year loved it! The staff was great!

Sara P

Never thought I could feel so comfortable with a dental practice until going to this office. The staff and hygienists are excellent and Dr. Jean Farbod is a wonderful addition to this established team. Glad to know that the good care that I received here with Dr.Copp continues with Dr. Farbod.

Terri L

Dr. Farbod and her entire staff are awesome. I broke a veneer right before I was leaving town and Dr. Farbod squeezed me in immediately and was able to fix it! She does great work! I’ve been to the office a few times before and they’ve always been awesome. They make going to the dentist fun!

Steve R

Always friendly, professional & thorough!

Lorinda M

Excellent visit and great staff.

Leslie K

Very good dentist...I go to them when I need to...the staff is top notch...the only dentist I need.

Randy R

Dr. Farbod is very professional, kind and warm as is her staff. Always a great dental visit.

Catherine W

I've been going to Dr Copp’s dental practice for 20 plus years which has been top quality care. So when Dr Copp retired, he made sure his practice was taken over by someone with the same dental knowledge and work ethic. I’m proud to recommend Dr Farbod's practice. Beyond knowing you are getting the best dental care, everyone is so nice!

Connie J

Had an unexpected dental issue over the weekend. Dr Farbod, Alma and the rest of the team did a great job of getting me in for a non-scheduled visit and providing excellent care.

Jim M

I was a client of Dr. Copp for many years until he retired. Dr. Farbod has since taken over his practice. I have had nothing but an amazing experience with both Dr. Copp and now with Dr. Farbod. The staff is very welcoming, accommodating, answering any questions or concerns you may have with assurance that you will be taken care of. Dr. Farbod is a very friendly, fun, caring dentist and is always looking out for her patients with the best care and treatment.

Many years ago I had gotten a root canal and everything was fine since until one night I was eating and something happened to where my...tooth cap that covered my root canal broke in half. This was at night time and I immediately called Dr. Farbod's office and explained my emergency situation. The office called me first thing in the morning and squeezed me into an appointment that day. Dr. Farbod did a great job looking over my tooth and fixing it from there. I have since had zero issues with it and it feels back to normal. I highly recommend this dental office.

Jayne D

Best! Best! Best! Everyone is so kind and friendly! A relaxing and thorough experience!

Stephen S

My family and I have been coming here for 10 years and I am happy to say that Jean Farbod, DDS continues the tradition of excellent dental care that keeps me coming back. I love everything about this practice.

Luann Y

Friendly, competent and honest.

Ron S

I’m a relatively new patient. I’m very happy with the dental care, staff is very professional and answers all my questions. Very much recommend.

Sarah O

Staff is professional, friendly, and fun, all at the same time...somehow they do it! Oh! And my dental work is really top notch. I love Dr. Farbod.

Ellen J

Nobody likes to go the dentist, right? I used to be like that until Dr. Farbod came to Coronado. Dr Copp had been our family dentist for 20 years and all was fine. But Dr. Farbod and her entire staff are just a joy to be around. These people know dentistry, they warned me that I was grinding my teeth and needed a mouth guard. I was skeptical, however, a few months later the entire right side of my mouth hurt, every tooth. I was grinding so much I cracked a tooth. Dr. Farbod and her staff ushered me through my recovery (new cap, yikes) with patience, kindness and humor. Now that I've been spending so much time with them I've come to love them. I really do. They are so funny, today, they had me laughing so hard we had to pause so I could collect myself. The hygienists are knowledgeable, gentle, warm and humorous; one is so sweet, I almost asked her to give me a hug (that would be creepy) but I refrained and just thanked her, I think she would make an excellent kindergarten teacher. Dr. Farbod is whip smart, but with so much empathy and joy. She's always singing or making me laugh. I actually look forward to going to the dentist now, that's so weird. They told me about a wireless water flosser that I can use in the shower. I love that thing, I won't travel without it. I find myself using it 6 times a day, pretty much after I eat anything. I highly recommend Dr. Farbod and her staff. Come to Coronado, they are worth the drive. They will take good care of your teeth and gums and you will leave with a smile or a guffaw. I am a real patient, no one pays me write this.

Tam D

I always have a great experience with this team of dental professionals!

Misti A

Best experience I’ve had in Coronado & San Diego in last 3 1/2 years. Dr. Farbod does an excellent job. She retook my X-rays at no charge to me to get a better look at my teeth. That’s exceptional these days. I practiced as a registered dental hygienist for 31 years in San Diego & I would recommend her to my friends and family. Her hygienist Alyssa did the best probing & cleaning I’ve had in the past 10 years!!

Ann T


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